ICCI 2015

Concrete Innovation and Application in Infrastructure for Sustainable Development

People needs sustainable world for welfare. It is not easy to achieve sustainable world, therefore sustainable development may become important effort to achieve it. Sustainable development defined as an effort to increase quality of life that make human live in healthy environment, and also to increase social, economics, and environment for recent and future generations (Ortiz, et. al., 2009). It should be noted that sustainability of development will determined of sustainability of infrastructure. Hence, the role and contribution of good and sustainable infrastructure is a necessity.

In global economic world, every country gets involved in competition to fulfil its needs for development. Asia, which has 71% population of the world, faces great challenge of sustainable development in many aspects, such as institutions, technology, and finance (United Nations, ESCAP, 2007). Infrastructure has implicated to sustainability, environment equilibrium, and resources efficiency. Because of its hard implication to those aspects, infrastructure should be considered as non physical aspects such as management and governance. Infrastructure which has important and strategic role in sustainable development may be defined as sustainable infrastructure. Sustainable infrastructure can be also defined as infrastructure that has continuous economics and environment sustainability (United Nations, ESCAP, 2007).

Sustainable infrastructure has involved some aspects, especially civil engineering fields. Sustainable development needs efficient and economic infrastructure. It is emphasized that civil engineering supports and strengthens construction industry. Every country in the world has big needs of construction industry, especially concrete industry. It is understood that concrete innovation and application in sustainable infrastructure are very important in achieving sustainable development.

The aims of this conference are:

  1. To publish recent researches about concrete and infrastructure and also sustainable development
  2. To held meeting for academicians, practicioners, and stakeholders of concrete and infrastructure fields
  3. To disseminate novel innovations and inventions of concrete and infrastructure

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